What is a Workflow Map?

A workflow map is a tool that is used to map out a workflow in your business. The most common flow to map out is a service delivery flow that starts before a potential client finds your service and ends when they’re a referring client. You could also map out internal processes like employee onboarding.

The two main parts of a workflow map are the Processes and the Experiments.

Using the example of a childcare centre and their client onboarding flow, their Processes might be:

    1. Meet prospective families online
    2. Help them understand our service
    3. Outline the enrolment process
    4. They book a time to view the service
    5. On-site tour
    6. They get sent enrolment information
    7. You get completed enrolment forms
    8. Admin completes enrolment process


And their Experiments might be:

    1. Refine social posts
    2. Update website to be less of a brochure site
    3. Create a clear graphic of the enrolment process
    4. Set up scheduling
    5. Tour Notes
How do I build a workflow map?

To aid in the process, the workflow map can be developed across multiple mediums. The basic steps are:

    • Create a bullet-point list of the workflow steps you’d like to map in common areas like service delivery or employee onboarding. Need ideas? We’ve done Research.
    • Optional: If you want to collaborate with your team and refine your steps, we recommend that you map out the steps on a physical/online whiteboard or a piece of paper so you can review the steps before transferring to Kanban software
    • Transfer your workflow map to Kanban software, like Notion, so you can refine your processes and decide on what to work on next
Do you offer a workflow map template?

We have created a workflow map template in Notion for you to use for your business. Get it from here.

Do you have an example of a workflow map?

We’ve created a short video on how the workflow map works.